Investing in Slimline Autofill Water Boilers for Smaller Businesses

Investing in Slimline Autofill Water Boilers for Smaller Businesses

19 May 2022

Business Confidence

Over the past three years, the level of capital expenditure made by businesses has dropped, in part due to the uncertainty of getting any return on their investments. However, the Decision Maker Panel (DMP) survey by Nottingham and Stanford Universities, which tracks the views of 3,000 Chief Financial Officers, in collaboration with the Bank of England, showed a recent change in investment expectations. In the 3 months following the general election up to January 2020, businesses expected investment in the year ahead to grow 4.6% in financial terms, an increase from 2.4% in the previous 3 months.

This improvement in investment expectations could be indicative of a decline in Brexit uncertainty due to the decisive general election result. After a 3-year slump in capital expenditure where smaller businesses may have been afraid to invest amidst Brexit ambiguity, it may be that they can now begin to feel more secure in making strategic investments for the persistence of their business as the UK’s exit from the EU grows more certain.

Upgrading technologies

SMEs can start to begin thinking about worthwhile, practical purchases that will enhance the operation of their business. This could well mean that more and more time-saving devices are being introduced in cafes, restaurants and offices, occupying room and ultimately meaning that counter surface space is at a premium. Slimline technology that doesn’t take up unreasonable amounts of room is therefore of great value. Replacing older water boilers or kettles needn’t mean taking up the entire counter with a large manual fill boiler, but could instead present an opportunity; a slimline alternative leaves space for other appliances, food preparation areas and visual displays.

‘Decluttering is conducive to productivity’

Whether or not now is an optimum time to invest, enhancing the working environment will always be worthwhile. Research suggests that decluttering is conducive to productivity; providing kitchen and counter staff with the space and freedom to go about their work ultimately means they are more able to utilise their time efficiently with little distraction. Burco’s Slimline Autofill range is designed with a width of just 215mm. It therefore provides essential hot water needs but can be utilised without cluttering workspace or causing too much of a visual obstruction. Meanwhile, if slimline water boilers are used in offices, more can be fitted in kitchens and breakrooms, serving more people at once and reducing waiting time.

Customer facing

Caterers can also see the benefit of implementing space-resourceful technology when it is to be used by members of the general public. Whether push button operated or tap operated, the compact design of the Slimline Autofill range is capable of supplying 206 cups of filtered hot water an hour, so can easily meet the needs of busy, self-service venues. The counter space saved means a greater variety or greater quantities of food, drink or utensils can be accommodated when setting out the buffet at a hotel, restaurant or conference. Providing customers/guests with a wide, as well as aesthetically satisfying, level of choice can keep them contented and ensure return trips.

Should uncertainty recede, then the time for businesses large and small to make investment to aid their productivity has arrived. To inquire about Burco’s new Slimline Autofill range or other products from Glen Dimplex Heating & Ventilation range that can help keep a business running smoothly, get in touch today.

Investing in Slimline Autofill Water Boilers for Smaller Businesses