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The experts in catering equipment

With a legacy spanning 130 years, Burco is renowned for excellence in water boiling, delivering innovative, cost-effective, and premium-quality catering solutions.

Our comprehensive range of water boilers meets a wide array of commercial requirements, from compact indoor setups to expansive outdoor environments. As pioneers in our field, we are constantly evolving, with exciting new innovative products in development.

Burco is committed to pushing the forefront of water boiling technology through continuous innovation, offering unparalleled options and value to the catering and commercial sectors.


Our history

Founded in 1895, Burco Boilers has a rich heritage of over a century in the boiling and water heating industry. Our journey began with a commitment to innovation and quality, principles that continue to drive us today. Over the decades, Burco has grown from a small enterprise into a trusted brand known for reliability and excellence.

In the mid-20th century, Burco revolutionized the market with the introduction of our first electric water boilers, setting new standards for efficiency and convenience. This innovation cemented our reputation as pioneers in the industry. Throughout the years, we have consistently adapted to changing customer needs and technological advancements, expanding our product range to include the latest in boiling and water heating technology.

In 2023, Burco has become part of the RKW family, a global leader in the supply and manufacture of SDA. This affiliation has allowed us to leverage extensive resources and expertise, further enhancing our ability to deliver top-tier products and services.

At Burco, we are dedicated to continuous improvement and innovation. By investing in the latest technology and product development, we offer a wide range of solutions that cater to the evolving demands of our customers. This dedication to excellence ensures that Burco remains a trusted brand in the boiling and water heating industry.
Safety and efficiency are at the forefront of our product design. All Burco Boilers come with advanced safety features to provide peace of mind and comply with stringent industry regulations. We are proud to contribute to enhancing hot water safety and efficiency standards across the industry.

As part of RKW, Burco Boilers supports a robust workforce dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service and after-sales support. Our team of experts ensures that we always have the right solution for any boiling or water heating needs.

Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction makes Burco Boilers the go-to choice for reliable and efficient boiling and water heating solutions.


Our brand milestones



The original company, W. H. Dean, was founded in 1895, originally builders of gas equipment to satisfy the increase in usage of gas for water heating at the turn of the century.



Expanded into electrical products after WW2 following the merger with Burnley Components (Bur-Co),Burco Dean was born, known for the manufacture of the “Baby Burco” washboiler during the 1950s.



Production extended into a new sector of catering boilers during the early 1970s.



As the catering sector became ever more demanding, Burco adapted its products with additions such as “Thermostat Control” and “Sight Glasses” as the market diversified into the hospitality and leisure sectors. As market leader in its sector, Burco Dean was acquired by the Glen Dimplex Group in 1985 and became part of Morphy Richards. Growth continued after the acquisition with the purchase of the “Cygnet” brand.



In 2008, Burco Dean was brought under the Glen Dimplex Professional Appliances business sector and the range was extended into cooking appliances.



Introduction of our first range of autofill boilers to be fully designed and manufactured in the UK, including our first autofill boiler with filtration.



Integration of Burco water boiler business within the Glen Dimplex Heating & Ventilation division.

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RKW's recent acquisition of Burco marks a significant development in the industry.